About Us

We, as Gathering Church, aim to ‘Know God and to Make Him Known,’ and this vision also extends to our Youth Ministry. For us, it is essential to spend quality time with our students to show them the love of Christ. Our goal is to help them grow into a deep relationship with God and understand how to live and think biblically in everyday life. Furthermore, we want to take our students on an adventure where they don’t just receive God’s love, but are also able to share it with others. We love to partner with Mission Arlington, Six Stones and our local community.

Rebecca & David Lamprecht

Rebecca and David Lamprecht came to the US in 2017 from England and Germany, respectively. Before they went to the US, they were Missionaries in England to connect students to one another and to God, both serving in local churches and schools. When they came to America, they helped plant Gathering Church Viridian in North Arlington, TX. During that time, they kept working with Youth and the Missionary program.  Through this program Becca and David also gained experience in training missionaries in facilitating youth ministry.

Together they have over 18 years of leadership and youth group experience, certifications, and life experience; they are Ordained in 2020 by Pastor David Butler and the Gathering Church Viridian Elder Board.