Online Bible Sources

Convenient online resources for reading the Bible, searching for specific scriptures, compare translations, and research common questions about the Bible.

Reading Plans

A good way to get started with reading the Bible is a good reading plan. And if you don’t want to do it alone, invite others to read it separately and then come together and discuss what  you have learned.

Bible Project

An amazing resource to help you understand the Bible in context!
They offer videos on books of the Bible as well as themes that trace all the way through it.

not a fan.

At our 2022 Youth Camp we focused on the topic: “not a fan.” how to be a completely committed follower of Christ. It first came out as a book but since has all sorts of different media to get engaged in the topic. We recommend to read the Book as a family and discuss and go through the devotion individually. It is truely an eye opening teaching.